James Robenalt, the Cleveland attorney who prepared former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean to testify before Congress this week, believes that former Trump White House Counsel Don McGahn would like to testify before Congress concerning special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Robenalt, who works with Dean and partnered with to create a national continuing education program entitled “The Watergate CLE,” spoke on The Rick Ungar Show on Monday.

“There’s way too much reluctance. Just jump into it. Start going for it,” said Robenalt of the lack of enthusiasm Democrats display on impeachment. “Try as hard as you can to get these witnesses in front of you. I actually think McGahn wants to testify.”

McGahn declined to appear last month before the House Judiciary Committee despite a subpoena, after the White House directed McGahn not to appear before Congress.

During Monday’s testimony, Dean stated that he hopes McGahn would testify as part of the wide-ranging probes of Trump.

Below is an audio clip of Robenalt giving his opinion on The Rick Ungar Show.