Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is ready to testify before Congress about the president’s call with the President of Ukraine.

That’s what his lawyer, Lanny Davis, told the nationally syndicated Rick Ungar Show today.  Davis says that Cohen is available to break the “Trump code” and offer his knowledge of how Trump uses language to cover criminal activity to get at the true meaning of the president’s Ukraine call.

President Trump mentioned American aid in a call this summer with Ukrainian President Zelensky without bringing up that he had been blocking a military assistance package, suggested that Ukraine could be doing more to help the US, and asked Zelesky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, according to a reconstructed transcript of the call.

“[Cohen] should be a key witness the way John Dean was to translate this criminal behavior,” says Davis, referring to Nixon’s White House Counsel during the Watergate scandal. “Michael now becomes a crucial witness as this process unfolds.”

Will Cohen be a witness before Congress on this topic?

“I have written the three Chairs in the last week,” said Davis, “Chairman Elijah Cummings of House Oversight, Chairman Nadler of course, House Judiciary, and Chairman Schiff who we’ve seen on television today, House Intelligence. All three of those gentlemen he cooperated with before he went to prison and he’s ready to do so again.”

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